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I was approached by Keanu to help him realize his design vision for sōzō, a male barbershop to be openend in the Netherlands. Unlike traditional barbershops, this one would be characterized by Japanese zen aesthetic and minimalism which influences will be seen in the interior. Amidst this relaxing atmosphere, Keanu offers his clients a personal and creative approach to cutting and hair design. The logo had to align with his ideas as a barber and would go hand in hand with the aesthetic vision for the interior design.


We agreed early on about the importance of a strong and clean wordmark at the centre of the visual identity. Simplistic and geometric forms dictated the design of the custom typography. The symbol was more challenging and underwent multiple iterations, eventually narrowing the idea down to a minimalist, powerful shape bound to a meaningful concept. From this arised the symbol consisting of two rocks forming an abstract silhouette of the letter S, inspired by the rocks found in Japanese zen gardens.


From the client: I came across Sander's profile on Bēhance. What particularly appeals to me about Sander's work is that he has already clearly developed his own style! After sending him a message, I received a response after only a short time and a call was scheduled. During this call we got to know more about each other but most of all we got a clear picture of what my wishes were. With this information, Sander was able to get to work. I am extremely satisfied with both the result and the whole process leading up to it!