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simple hand-drawn cartoon face

Who I am

Hey there! My name is Sander and I am a graphic designer from the Netherlands. Over the past five years I've dived into the world of graphic design and specialized in brand/visual identity. While I am also currently studying Business Administration, I dedicate a lot of time towards freelance brand identity projects and explorative work. Examples of my explorative work include developing my own custom font, shooting mockups, and experimenting with motion design, all of which involve learning new skills and methods. Overall, I consider myself as an endlessly curious and creative designer.

My vision

As mentioned above, my focus is on brand identity design, particularly for start-ups. In contrast with large and established companies, start-ups and small businesses need to fight for attention and I believe they benefit more from design that moves away from the ordinary. With increasingly competitive markets, and passable design becoming more accessible and even automated, true creativity is what will continue to set brands apart.

Through custom typography, illustration, and sometimes doing the unexpected, I aim to make brands truly memorable in a visual way. As a graphic designer, it's my goal to build visual systems that are radically unique, yet with the necessary structure and functionality to create a long-lasting visual presence.