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PAQQIT designs and manufactures compact and sustainable product packaging for e-commerce businesses that prioritize their premium products and the unboxing experience of their customers. With options for several bio-degradable material alternatives and made-to-size packaging, PAQQIT strengthens the sustainable and customer-centric nature of sophisticated and outspoken e-commerce brands. The brand personality could be described as natural, robust, friendly, bold, and dynamic.


The visual identity for PAQQIT mirrors strength, compactness and sustainability through bold and condensed typography, soft and natural colors, and geometric shapes. The dynamic nature of the packaging is reflected through the abstract flower symbol that can take varying forms in terms of proportion. Combined with organic and robust imagery, it creates a unique and consistent visual language that stays true to the values and personality of PAQQIT. Several assets were created for both digital and physical applications that carry on the brand identity.


Overall I enjoyed working on this project as it allowed me to think deeply about the brand's strategy and how it would translate into a visual design. Brand imagery was very important for bringing across the right message but this also posed the challenge of finding the right images that also suited the brand colors. In particular I enjoyed creating the animation that simultaneously features the different flower-shaped elements.