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Opplyse is a fictional Norwegian restaurant that offers exclusive and enlightening fine-dining experiences to middle- to upper class residents and travelers that want to zone out or celebrate special moments in life. The name Opplyse is a Norwegian term for ‘to enlighten’. This refers to the rich and inspiring experience as well as the magical environment.


The primary logo for Opplyse consists of a custom distinct typography with the goal of expressing a sense of exclusiveness and capturing the brand’s otherworldly and premium feel. A submark was also designed that would allow the visual language to extend to smaller applications as well. Although every aspect contributes to the theme in some way, the use of gradients to represent the aurora is what makes this brand stand out visually.


This personal project was all about learning new skills. This was the first time I implemented custom typography in a brand identity project and it turned out pretty successful. Working on this also provided me with the opportunity to take my motion design abilities a step further. It's a great way to bring the brand identity to life.