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This project was about creating a unique display font intended for my personal usage. In display fonts, style and visual impact are often prioritized over perfect readability, because of its larger scale applications. I wanted to explore the boundaries of letterforms to create letters that are visually striking on their own, and still maintain a consistent style and readability when used in words or sentences. I didn't design this font with any direct inspiration in mind but I believe the font "Pilowlava" has influenced my style the most.


The letters are formed with exclusively round, fluid shapes, with a high contrast, giving the font a funky, retro, and somewhat psychedelic appearance. The roundness, contrast, and overall weight is kept constant throughout all letters. The font includes all basic Latin characters and numbers including a few important punctuation characters. I also designed a bold version of the font which adds a little more visual weight and impact. The name is a combination of the words flow, fume, and bloom. Flome has an overall round sound and look, and coincidentally also means "river" in old English.


Designing a display font gives a lot of freedom to push boundaries which I really enjoyed. The font creation and presentation allowed me to build on many skills and approaches such as naming, illustration, visual communication, as well as general typographic skills that allow the font to be balanced and readable in two styles. This project has definitely sparked my interest in typography and font design, and I'm eager to start a new, elaborate project with more styles and special characters.