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Arsenal Coffee


Travis reached out to me to get a logo done for his coffee roast brand named Arsenal. He chose this name because of his military background and it represents a large variety of coffee and products. They sell roasted to order coffee in a rotating seasonal collection as well as modern and clean coffee brewing equipment to get the best result out of the beans. Our goal for the logo was to be memorable and versatile so it stands out on various products and other brand touchpoints. We also agreed that the logo should be in line with the fresh, clean, and modern brand personality.


The final logo for Arsenal consists of an extended, modern font with a custom-designed A. This lettermark adds variation to the type and can be used as a standalone, distinct mark that subtly represents the fresh, modern, and delicate nature of the brand. This was the winning option from the two logos provided. Despite not directly featuring elements that represent coffee, we both felt like this was a good fit because it demonstrates the fresh and modern nature of Arsenal. Lastly, I put together a detailed but compact style guide that helps the client apply the visual identity correctly.


This was my first time designing for a coffee brand. This project allowed me to design in a clean and modern style which I enjoyed the most at the time. When picking the mockups to present the work nicely, it is always tempting to design these assets, such as the packaging, instead of just pasting the logo on them. It makes the brand feel more complete and it demonstrates to the client the versatility of the design and how they could possibly use it too.