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Arctic Odyssey Museum


The Arctic Odyssey Museum is a unique establishment dedicated to the exploration and celebration of Antarctic exploration and research. It takes visitors on an immersive journey through the history of polar expeditions, the challenges faced by explorers, and the scientific discoveries made in these extreme environments. The museum aims to educate, inspire, and raise awareness about the importance of polar exploration and conservation, with its target audience consisting primarily of adventurers, nature enthusiasts as well as scientists and historians. I tasked myself to develop a distinctive brand identity that gets this message across.


The logo's abstract mark is a combination of subtle references to ice plates and paths on a map to convey polar exploration and its complexity. The essence of the museum is captured through bright, icy, gradients that convey inspiration and discovery in the illustrations. They would be used across various media and play a major role in setting the brand apart. Additionally, the choice of colors and typography contribute to a consistent and unique brand identity that feels captivating and professional.


I consider this one of the most complete projects I've done in terms of visual identity design and I'm very satisfied with the result. Seeing the bright gradient illustrations come to life, everything fell into place and it felt like the perfect visual representation. Picking a museum brand opened up the opportunity to design unique touchpoints such as tickets, and signage which I really enjoyed.